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In number 24 of the AFAL magazine of 1960, the article Survey on photography books appeared, in which the problem of the non-existence of photographic books in the Spanish editorial production of the time was denounced and questions addressed to the world of photography were publicly formulated. photography, publishing and culture. 

The article invited responses to the editorial office to obtain documentation that would allow the problem to be analyzed from different points of view.

The objective of the photographers, who saw in the photobook their best school of visual aesthetics, was to stimulate a change in the Spanish publishing scene.

Understand to act. Act to understand.

From Almería, the city of AFAL, I am carrying out a doctoral research on the photographic book for children.

I think that today it is necessary to open a survey in this field.

At a time when the individual is so precociously immersed in the world of images, it is important to investigate the way in which the visual ecosystem of the youngest is cultivated. 

Therefore, I propose a participatory research to reflect from a multidisciplinary perspective on the relationship between photobooks and childhood. 

I do so by relaunching the AFAL initiative, whose vision of the photobook as a space for aesthetic training experience I share. 

The questions I formulate are an invitation to weave a dialogue aimed at the world of art, publishing and cultural mediation.

I like to imagine the answers I will receive as future pages of a book, as parts of an open work of collective and plural reflection.

To answer the questions, use the link that fits your professional profile. 

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