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My name is Elisabetta, I have a degree in History of Contemporary Art with a thesis on The Artist's Book for Children. 

I have lived in Rome and have taught at the Primary School.

I currently live in Spain, where I am doing doctoral research on the Children's Photobook. It is a new stage in the exploration of space where the paths of contemporary art, books and childhood cross.


This space has been created with the intention of disseminating the results of my research, but above all it aims to create a community to share, discuss and reflect on the subject of photobooks and art publishing for children.

I have chosen to risk complicating things a bit and publish the content, especially the conversations and interviews, in the language in which they were produced.

I did it to reflect the polyphony of reality and because I stubbornly believe in the value and beauty of diversity. 


I believe that children have the right to extraordinary and surprising books that intoxicate the senses and make ideas fly, books that enter dreams and not nightmares. 

I think they have the right to find wonderful books and I like to think that this space can contribute to facilitating this encounter.

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